I’m Fiona and I can help you feel better through therapy

If you’ve found yourself ….

Feeling lost, stuck, searching for something

Unheard and hurting

Feeling nothing, un-motivated, no point to anything, having bad thoughts, overwhelmed with anxiety

Feeling worthless, constantly stamping on yourself, tense, wary, mis-understood

About me

Welcome, I can help…

, I’m Fiona Brewin and I am an experienced qualified Psychotherapist Registered and Accredited with BACP and I adhere to their code of ethics, supervision and regulation.
I offer you a safe, respectful and non-judgemental space to be.

I will welcome all parts of you and follow your pace as together we explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

I open up difficulties and stuck places using curiosity…allowing space for these difficult feelings to take shape.

I help to uncover the roots of your difficulties and repair the beliefs that are limiting your life today.

I offer a professional practice that takes an individually considered, thoughtful and empathic
approach to help you understand, work through and resolve your difficulties.

I have been in private practice since 2008 and have worked with hundreds of people to facilitate profound and lasting change in their lives.

My Story

Like lots of therapists, I trained as a psychotherapist after I had experienced therapy myself.

My past life was committed to achievement and I gained academic success and a series of well-paid
jobs in retail management and then for many years in marketing, researching new products and
bringing them to market.

I pushed myself to meet all the demands of a fast-paced career with the added needs of my partner
and family and indeed seemed to thrive on being independent and achieving.

I used all my coping
strategies to deal with the stresses that this life placed on me and felt worthwhile in achieving so
much without needing help from anyone. I celebrated this as a strength, my own super power!

Over time I found that I was anxious, stressed and just miserable, stuck and lonely. I often wondered
what was the point to my life as I felt so confused and unappreciated.

 With some trepidation I looked for and began a therapeutic process with a psychotherapist. It was a
strange feeling at first having another human being follow my mood closely and be openly curious
about what was going on for me out there in my life as well as with them. I got a lot of care and
nurturing and this felt like my therapist was involved, empathetic and got me.

What was most profound for me was when her care was both curious, challenging and
understanding in ways I had never experienced before.

This was eerily strange and puzzling at the time. Initially I couldn’t let her responses in, although I noticed
that between sessions her responses to me stayed with me and I kept on hearing her words, tone and gentle
empathy as she expressed how she felt as I told my story.

This really made a profound difference to me, opening up so much for me including my own compassion
that I’d never allowed in my world of pushing myself to be strong and perfect.

These conversations led to a new sense of ‘seeing myself’. This was difficult for me, and without my
therapists real and authentic curiosity and challenge, I’m not sure if I would have had the courage to
face myself and change.

I began to notice a new resilience born out of our conversations and reflections. I got a better
understanding of myself and new skills to engage to get and keep the love I
wanted. I became open to changes to protect, love and cherish me. My confidence and self-esteem
took on a new energy and I felt good with myself.

Yes, I made changes to my life and I now feel alive and thriving….

Therapy worked for me and I know it’s made a difference to many others.

My Professional Status

Accredited membership MBACP (Accred) is a Quality Standard for Experienced Practitioners.

As a Registered member I met the eligibility to be accredited in 2010. To become an accredited
member, I was required to show evidence to BACP to attain their highest standards of
training, competence and experience, as well as show my personal awareness and
understanding of how the way I work helps clients.

Gaining my accreditation MBACP (Accred) demonstrates to you that I have achieved high standards of knowledge, experience and development.

As a member of BACP I adhere to their code of ethics. I integrate other modalities including gestalt,
mindfulness, somatic and person-centred psychotherapies. I work in private practice in Bowdon and
Tytherington with adults and couples, in person and online.

I have regular clinical supervision for my individual and couple work. This is a requirement of BACP
and is both for your safety and my effectiveness to help you.

Therapy can restore your Vitality, Energy and Contentment....

To feel close, valuable, special and secure in making loving relationships

To engage for belonging, validation and recognition in work and play

Communicate frustrations accountably, responsibly and authentically for conflict resolution

To regulate mood and grow resilience for independence and autonomy

To re-gain balance, trust and belief in yourself after failure and disappointment

To think creatively, self-reflectively to make meaning of our life

To know more about how Therapy can help

Singature Therapy

Choose Therapy to Gain new Life Skills and make Profound changes that Help You Lead a Richer and More Satisfying Life

If you would like to find out more or book an appointment, please feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.

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